Quintessentially – Hong Kong Concierge

Quintessentially arrived in Hong Kong in 2005, bringing its bespoke blend of luxury Lifestyle Management and concierge service to the city’s discerning Elite.

As the Asia Pacific Headquarters, Quintessentially continues to define the meaning of luxury in this dynamic city, offering Members unrivalled attention and assistance with anything that they require. Whether it is last minute reservations at one of Hong Kong’s hardest-to-book restaurants, or filling a colleague’s office with 700 balloons for their birthday, our Members’ wishes are our command.

With an unrivalled wealth of contacts and connections, our dedicated team all share a passion for quality wherever it is found, and we are committed to seeking it out for our Members. The ultimate personal assistant to those who are time-poor in this bustling hub, Quintessentially liberates you from of all of life’s little inconveniences, at the same time helping to transform all your dreams into reality.

Founded in 2000 in London, Quintessentially has grown to offer its Members 24/7 lifestyle assistance in over 60 cities around the world. From personalised solutions to make your day-to-day life a little smoother, to accessing the most exclusive tables, glamorous events and unique venues around the world, via the most outlandish requests imaginable, our team go above and beyond to deliver a tailor-made service to suit your lifestyle. Members also have access to a number of special benefits with hot restaurants, chic boutiques, luxury hotels and an assortment of services around the world.

“Hong Kong is a natural home for Quintessentially. There is always something or somewhere new vying for the public’s attention and it is our job to act as curators, helping Hong Kong’s most astute and discerning access the very best that the city has to offer.” – CEO Quintessentially – Hong Kong